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Cosmetic and Reconstructive surgery

Over time, the laugh and expression lines on the face are complimented by deeper wrinkles forming around the eyes and lips. The slightly sagging fatty tissue and weakening facial muscle tone transform into double chin and sunken cheeks. The aim of the facelift procedure is to slow down your natural aging process and relieve you from the image of an ever tired and grumpy person.

The traditional facelift is comprised of forehead and midface lifting coupled with chin and neck correction. However, frequently even a smaller scale surgery is sufficient to achieve excellent results. Facelift is often performed simultaneously with eyelid surgery, nose job, fat grafting or filler injections.

At our clinic, facelift is performed with the help of endoscope. Several incisions no longer than 3 cm are made in the hairy part of the head and the mucous membrane of the throat. An endoscope is employed to lift the midface and forehead skin, correct the deeper structures that have lost their muscle tone and reconstruct stretched ligaments and facial muscles to restore the soft tissue proportions possessed by the patient years ago. The endoscopic facelift is a completely safe minimally invasive procedure. Small incisions are quick to heal and are barely noticeable several months later.

Nose is the central and the most protruding part of the face. Rhinoplasty (nose shape correction) can be used to make the nose smaller or change its shape, correct the angle between the nose and upper lip, make the nostrils narrower or restore the entire nose. The purpose of the surgery can be both aesthetic and physiological as the nasal septum is straightened resulting in easier breathing.

Upper eyelids correction (Blepharoplasty)
£ 550-600
Lower eyelids correction
£ 650-750
Face rejuvenation using fat grafting
£ 1100
Endoscopic forehead lift
£ 1300
Endoscopic midface lift
£ 1900-2300
Face lift (classic face and neck lift)
£ 2300-2800
Fat-derived stem cells transplantation
£ 4000
Chin augmentation (price includes implants)
£ 1100-1300
Neck liposuction
£ 500-600
Lipoaugmentation of lips 
£ 400-500
Ear surgery
£ 350-550
£ 1500-1600
Aesthetic surgery of the tip of the nose
£ 1100-1300
Functional surgery of the nasal septum
£ 1000

 “A look at the mirror again triggers the thoughts about a time machine. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see the reflection of your inner self instead of the results left by the years gone by? To marvel at a bright and clear face with expressive and sharp features unmarred by wrinkles, drooping eyelids, sunken cheeks or puffy eye bags? A flicker of a forgotten yearning flashes in the gaze scrutinizing the reflection in the mirror - the longing for that sweet rush of adrenaline when someone else’s eyes caress your face and slowly travel upwards to meet your bright gaze and radiant smile. No marks of the years gone by as it they had been just a mere illusion…

We have good news for those feeling way too familiar with this scenario: you do not need a time machine! Leave it to the lovers of science-fiction for we know a far simpler way to sweep away the years gone by.”






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