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Cosmetic and Reconstructive surgery

Breast correction is among the most popular plastic surgery treatments. Although the reasoning behind such surgeries largely varies (e.g. regaining the lost shape after pregnancy and breastfeeding, remedying the consequences of overcome diseases or subduing genetics and halting the aging process), all women are united by the common desire to feel prettier than before, gain self-confidence and shine among all others.
Breast augmentation with implants is the most common type of breast surgery. The specialist helps the patient choose the right size, shape and texture of the implant based on the patient’s expectations. Only premium quality implants with time-tested safety and reliability are used in the breast augmentation procedures carried out at our clinic. During the surgeon’s appointment, the patients get a chance to peak into the future. A special testing bra helps to create a very realistic look of the breasts after the surgery. The following types of incisions can be made: below the breast fold, periareolar incision, or armpit incision which has been rapidly gaining popularity among women. The armpit incision is an appealing option due to the fact that is made in the natural skin crease. The post-surgery scar is almost invisible and heals without any stretching. It disappears almost completely in about a year.

Breast lift is the perfect choice when instead of augmenting the breasts the goal is to change their shape. Breast lift involves the removal of any excess skin and relocation of the nipple and areola. Sometimes breast lift can be performed in conjunction with breast augmentation.

Breast reduction is recommended for women who are suffering back and shoulder pain, have to limit their physical activity or experience psychological and emotional discomfort due to large breasts. The aim of the procedure is to remove excess skin, fat and glandular tissue and change the shape of the breast so that it better matches body proportions. Breast reduction is always performed together with a breast lift, so the location of the nipple and areola complex changes.

Breast reconstruction is performed for women who have lost one or both breasts due to breast cancer or other diseases. During this operation attempts are made not only to form a new breast but also to return self-confidence, alleviate emotional discomfort and to increase the quality of life of the patient. Successfully restored breasts may look and feel quite natural but unfortunately they will never be the same as they were prior to mastectomy. It is advisable to consult a plastic surgeon before the breast is removed in order to improve the results of breast reconstruction as in some cases it is possible to restore the breast during the mastectomy procedure.

Breast augmentation (price includes breast implants)
£ 2200-2800
Breast correction using fat grafting   
£ 1800-2500
Breast lift   
£ 1700-2000
Breast augmentation and breast lift (price includes breast implants)
£ 2700-2900
Breast reduction (Reduction mammoplasty)
£ 2100-2500
Breast reconstruction using autologous tissue (after oncological diseases)
£ 1800-3000

 “She was standing in front of a mirror examining herself closely. Slowly running her forefingers across her cheeks, she slightly stretched the skin upwards at the temples. Her hands continued down her swanlike neck, finally halting at the bosom.
The image in the mirror was nowhere close to how she used to look half a year ago. Or even several months ago. She no longer felt the need to lift her breasts with her hands and turn her body sideways to see whether or not she looked better that way. O squeeze them in her hands and watch them become round and elevated, nicely displaying her cleavage. Yet, back then, she would only sigh in desperation taking her hand o her breasts and watching them sag down again. Although she realized that her body was telling the story of her life which she was proud of, still, like any other woman, she wanted to feel good again when looking at her own reflection. Feel pretty. Prettier than before. Be attractive, and, most importantly, be able to like herself.
Today she was looking at her new self. The mirror reflected her rediscovered self-esteem, feminine radiance and complete contentment at what she witnessed. Delighted, she slowly traced the outline of her now perfect breasts.”




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